Verkehrsverein Undeloh e.V.
Zur Dorfeiche 27

21274 Undeloh

+49 4189 333

Arrival and Onward Journey to Undeloh

Heide-Shuttle - Undeloh

Heide-Shuttle nach Undeloh

Free bus service through the Lüneburg Heath – bikes welcome too

Every summer from 15 July to 15 October, a free bus service – the Heide Shuttle – runs through the Lüneburg Heath.
Four circular bus routes take you through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park – and bikes can come too.
Get on and off as often as you like. It’s a great way to explore the whole of the Lüneburg Heath.
Both the No. 2 and No. 3 circular routes travel to Undeloh.

Take your bicycle with you – for free
Since all buses are equipped with a bicycle trailer, taking your bicycle with you is so easy and convenient. It’s free and even E-bike’s fit on the trailer.
You can get on the Heide Shuttle with or without a bike at any bus stop.
Please give us a hand when loading and unloading your E-bike.

Good to know:
People and bicycles are not guaranteed transport.
Reservations are unfortunately not possible.

Find out more on what there is to see and do along the four circular routes here: Information on the Heide Shuttle

Arrival with car

From Hamburg or Hanover

Via the A7/ exit Egestorf (No. 41)
Towards Egestorf  -> Sahrendorf  ->  Undeloh

From Osnabrück or Bremen

Via the A1 / exit Heidenau (No. 46)
Towards Tostedt  ->  Welle  ->  Handeloh  ->  Wesel  -> Undeloh

Coming from the West

Via the B3  ->  Handeloh  -> Wesel  ->  Undeloh

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