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Cycling in the Lüneburg Heath

Experience the many facets of the Lüneburg Heath on an active adventure holiday. The majority of routes are along natural paths suitable for bikes and offer cycle tours of varying degrees of difficulty and requirements for you to explore the region. The signposted long-distance cycling routes coupled with a variety of smaller themed and circular routes offer a variety of different options. In the summer from 15 July to 15 October, the free Heide Shuttle will take you and your bicycle back and forth to the individual heathland villages. See our Tourist Information Office for corresponding maps.

Various themed routes lead through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve.

The network of routes is arranged in such a way that you can individually put tours of different lengths together.

Themed routes

Heath Experience Tour

This family-friendly experience tour takes you through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve covering a total length of approximately 106 km.

Heath Art Tour

This tour takes you through the awe-inspiring artistic landscape of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve.

Heath Water Tour

Following watercourses through the heath, you can explore 92 km of the most beautiful experiences in nature

Signposted cycle routes and round tours

Heath Leine Cycle Path

The cycle path leads through one of the most diverse heath and cultural landscapes.

Luhe Cycle Path

The Luhe cycle path follows the course of the River Luhe from its source near Bispingen to the estuary a few hundred metres away from the ferry terminal in Hoopte.

Seeve Cycle Path

The heathland River Seeve springs up just a few hundred metres south of the heathland village of Wehlen in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve. It winds through 40 km of the Geest and flows into the River Elbe.

Wümme Cycle Path

Approximately 250 km in length, this circular route of the Wümme cycle path connects the Lüneburg Heath with the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Tour 25 „Old Heathland Churches“

The varied route leads through meadows, woods and heathland covering a total length of 39 km

Tour 21

The length of this circular route is approximately 34 km. It partially leads along unpaved sandy paths but also along separate tarred cycle paths along the roads.

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