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Hiking for Better Health in the Heath

Hiking for better health combines elements of conscious exercise with a healthy lifestyle. The certified health hiking guides Lilly and Peter Sieffert show you the romantic Büsenbachtal and the scenic beauty on the Heidschnucken trail from spring to autumn. At the same time, you also do something for your health and fitness levels without even noticing it. Each hike covers around 7 km and includes fitness exercises during the breaks, followed by stretching exercises for the particular parts of the body worked. Not only will you learn many interesting facts about the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve during the hike, you will also gain lots of useful tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Please pack food and drink in a rucksack.
No registration required!

Hiking for better health in the heath
OT Wörme, Am Büsenbach Car Park
21256 Handeloh

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