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The Call of the Mountains – guided hikes on the Wilseder Berg

Hiking on the Wilseder Berg

At 169 metres, the Wilseder Berg is the highest point in the North German plain. Its location in the middle of the largest heathland area in Europe is unique. The nature reserve is a car-free zone so you are unlikely to meet any cars during the entire walk. Once at the summit, fantastic views from the Wilseder Berg across the heathland and forests await. On a good day, you can even make out the outlines of Hamburg or Lüneburg in the distance. You will also learn how the Heidschnucke sheep got its name during the walk and why in the olden days frequent highway robberies took place along the edge of the forest.

Once at the Wilseder Berg, you then have the option of looping back to the museum in Wilsede on your own or hiking back to Undeloh with your guide Ms. Bülk from the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V.

Tip: Take a bottle of water for the hike with you. There are no shops along the way and the next toilet facilities are in the dairy hall in Wilsede.

Tour extension on your own:

Hike back to Wilsede on your own and visit the Totengrund (burial ground (about 1km)). The Totengrund is a huge crater dotted with heathland vegetation and cannot be entered. There is a viewing platform at the highest point, however. The view from there is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Lüneburg Heath and the Totengrund a supernatural natural beauty. If you have enough time, walk around the Totengrund as this gives you lots of different perspectives of the Totengrund.

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