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The History of the Hungerpohl at the Undeloh Village Pond

The History of the Hungerpohl at the Undeloh Village Pond
The History of the Hungerpohl at the Undeloh Village Pond

A book on display at the village pond tells the history of the Undeloh Hungerpohl.

In Undeloh was once a pond with a wondrous source.

The name “ Undeloh” has a Lombard-Roman origin and means "spring at the oak grove".
This Undeloh spring, later called “Hungerpohl”, used to be a natural phenomenon.

Legend says that strange things happened in Undeloh. According to the legend, the source of the Hunger Pond has a healing effect.
A fairy once restored the sight of a blind girl there. This miracle even attracted Charlemagne who visited the spring, it is said.

However, the Hunger Pond was also able to prophesy dry or rainy spells by means of its water level:
when the pond dried up, a rainy period was predicted. In dry periods, it brimmed over and the water flooded its banks.
Rich merchants from the Hanseatic League in Lüneburg, Hamburg and Lübeck also used the pond. They sent their servants to Undeloh to inspect the water level and started to calculate their grain prices according to the water level. If the water rose, a drought was expected and poor harvests. The stores of grain were then stockpiled so they could be sold at an expensive price during the expected famine.
This phenomenon petered out in 1965. Although the Hunger Pond is still accessible in the afforested area, it is located on private land.

So, this explains why the history of the Hungerpohl can be found at the village pond in the Wilseder Strasse in the centre of Undeloh. The Tourist Information Office in Undeloh, Zur Dorfeiche, Tel.: +49 4189-333 will be happy to give you information on where the “real” Hungerpohl was located.

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